Our Mission

The business and purpose of CCKC Bristol Ranges shall be the preservation of game, game fish, birds and all natural resources and the promotion and preservation of the shooting sports; to procure the enactment of conservation law ensuring a better protection and management of game, fish, birds and natural resources; to promote cooperation by education and publicity in the proper enforcement of game laws and to provide means and opportunity for closer unity and fellowship among sportsmen, nature lovers and conservation-minded people. To promote and encourage the replenishing of our game coverts with game and the waters of our rivers and lakes with fish; to assist in feeding and preservation of wild life in case of emergency and to carry on a campaign of education to acquaint the public with our state’s conservation program and the desirability of protecting our wildlife.

The Bristol Shooting Ranges are a subsidiary of CCKC and are a collection of open-air ranges operated throughout the year. Shooting activities are coordinated by experienced Range Officers ensuring an enjoyable and safe time for everyone.  Various leagues and activities shoot during the year including an indoor archery league during the winter, outdoor 3D archery, trap, skeet, bullseye, action pistol, cowboy, and high-power rifle matches during the summer. There are several picnic areas and playground equipment is available so that a visit to the Bristol Ranges can be a full-day family outing.

CCKC Battleship

On certain announced and posted days, all ranges or specific portions of the Bristol Shooting Ranges may be closed for special events.

All fees, dues, charges, hours of operation and specifics mentioned on this site are subject to change without notice!

Active Duty Military Personnel are charged member’s reduced fees.

Becoming a CCKC Bristol Ranges member entitles you to use all shooting ranges at reduced fees.  Membership also includes the club newsletter which is published quarterly.

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The CCKC Bristol Ranges Board of Directors meet at the CCKC Bristol Ranges Clubhouse on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.  All CCKC Bristol Ranges members are encouraged to attend these meetings and become involved with the operations of the club and to give input on the future direction of the club.  Elections are held annually in June. Eligible members are encouraged to run for a seat on the board.

See the calendar for the latest information.