The Rifle Pistol Range
Rifle/Pistol Range telephone Number: 262-857-7221

The Rifle and Pistol Range is an open-air range. It has overhead shelter at all shooting positions, a heated waiting room, and shooting benches inside a heated indoor area for a portion of the 100/200 yard section. You may use any or all of the various sections of the Rifle and Pistol Range after paying the daily shooting fee. Shotgun slug shooting is permitted on the Rifle and Pistol Range, and the Blackpowder Range. Hearing and eye protection is mandatory.
The Rifle / Pistol range does not have firearms available for rent!

Shooting Stations

25 yards: 16 stations outdoors (Enclosed & heated during the winter)

50 yards: 12 stations outdoors

100/200 yards: 10 stations indoors (heated); 20 stations outdoors

All 30 stations of the 100/200 yard section have target backstops at both 100 and 200 yards. Using a small change in elevation, either target can be used.

Timed Fire Zone. A portion of the west end of the 100/200 yard line can be used to practice the various shooting positions and stages required for competition in NRA High-Power and Small Bore matches. Benches can be moved out of the way, and, with prior permission of the duty range officers, timed-fire may be practiced.

Matches, Shoots, & Leagues

CMP and NRA-approved reduced course (200 yard) high power rifle matches are scheduled during the year. In addition, Classic Battle Rifle, Garand and 2 Mini-Palma matches (all non-approved) are scheduled. On match days, the west half of the 100/200 firing line is reserved for the use of the competitors, and the rest of the range is open to the public as usual.
There is High Power Rifle practice on Tuesday afternoon from April to October.

Daily Shooting Fees

Member: $5.00 Non-Member: $30.00

Hours of Operation

Friday afternoons from Noon to 5:00 pm or dusk (Sept - Nov only).

Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or dusk.

Closed on major holidays.

The Rifle / Pistol Range phone number is 262-857-7221.
It is only answered during hours of operation.

Please follow these rules while using the range. Violations will be enforced. Violators will be asked to leave the facility, and subject to criminal and / or civil sanctions.
Concealed carry and open carry firearms are not allowed at CCKC!
No holstered firearms! *
No uncased firearms behind the safety line. Uncase your firearm at the shooting bench with the muzzle pointed down range.
All range users and shooters are personally responsible for range safety and safe shooting.
All shooters are responsible to immediately correct any unsafe conditions.
If you observe any unsafe situation, report it immediately to a range officer.
Shooters and observers, forward of the safety line, must wear ear and eye protection.
Keep muzzles pointed down range at all times.
Keep finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
No cross-shooting. Shoot only at your numbered target.
During a cease fire, do not handle a firearm for any reason, including cleaning, casing or uncasing. Actions must be open. Magazines must be removed.
Do not leave your firearm unattended with the action closed.
Do not pick up spent brass in front of the firing line until a cease fire has been called.
Use cement walkways to target areas when posting targets.
Hang all targets within the orange lines of the backstops.
No human facsimile, or any metal targets are allowed.
Alcohol is prohibited at all CCKC ranges.
Persons who have been consuming alcohol or are under the influence of drugs are prohibited from shooting.
Parents are responsible for their children.
Respect others and their equipment.
Deposit all trash in containers.
*The holster rule does not impact the use of holsters for possible special events and training programs or during Action Pistol, Action Steel, Cowboy or Urban Action Matches
No centerfire rifles or shotguns.
Maximum 5 rounds in any handgun
Maximum 5 rounds in any .22 rimfire rifle
Slow fire at all times. NO RAPID FIRE!
Holstered handguns are not allowed.
Maximum 5 rounds in any firearm
Slow fire at all times. NO RAPID FIRE!
4 target stands have been added at the 50 yard area that can be used at 25 yards
Maximum 5 rounds in any firearm
Slow fire at all times. NO RAPID FIRE!
Bench #1 has been assigned to help shooters sight in their rifles. If your first shots are not on paper, please ask a range officer for assistance.