Black Powder
Sight-in Season

Shotgun and Inline Muzzle Loading Sight-in Season, on the Black Powder Ranges, for deer hunters begins in September and runs through November. Due to the increased number of shooters at this time of the year we will not be able to accommodate Scout Troops or other youth groups during the period.
George Broecker, Dan Christiansen
Head Range Officers,
CCKC Black Powder Ranges

Contact Wilderness Range Head Range Officer through the main office by emailing

The Wilderness Range includes both the Primitive Blackpowder Range and the Skirmish Field. Access to the Wilderness Range is via the road which begins on the east side of the Rifle/Pistol Range parking lot. When the Wilderness Range is closed during the winter months, blackpowder shooters are welcome to use the Rifle/Pistol Range during normal hours.

Primitive Blackpowder Range

The Wilderness (Black Powder) Range encourages the use of traditional muzzle loaders and antique cartridge firearms, either original or reproductions, designed for cartridges in use before the advent of smokeless powder and prior to 1893. Guns used in Cowboy Action Shooting, inline muzzle loaders, shotguns firing slugs and any 22 or 17 caliber rifle or handgun are permitted. Shotguns and inline muzzle loaders using copper jacketed or solid copper projectiles are restricted to paper targets only.

Targets are set at 25, 50 and 100 yards and steel gongs are set at 25, 50 and 130 yards.

Many of the shooters on the Primitive Blackpowder Range are members of the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association (NMLRA), The North South Shooters Association (NSSA) and the American Civil War Shooters Association (ACWSA) These associations sponsor various shoots and Rendezvous each year. Watch for future events in the CCKC Newsletter or Announcements and Calendar.

Skirmish Field

The Skirmish Field is used by Civil War enthusiasts for skirmish re-enactments. Special blackpowder competitions and cowboy action shooting matches are also held there. The Skirmish Field has a target backstop 280 feet long. The entire length of this firing line can be shifted forward or backward for regulation shooting distances up to 100 yards. Other shooting events such as rimfire varmint shoots, bullseye pistol matches, and action pistol matches are periodically held on the Skirmish Field. Watch for future events in the CCKC Newsletter or Calendar.

Daily Shooting Fees

Blackpowder Member: $5.00 Non-Member: $30.00

Hours of Operation:

Summer (May - December)

Winter (January - April)
Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Closed - No specific times are scheduled

Holidays: Closed!

Blackpowder Range Officers
George Broecker 847-421-1246
Dan Christiansen 262-891-2099