Airgun Range
The Field Target Course is located within the woods near the Blackpowder Range and offers a guided path to 25 shooting lanes.  Sixty-shot matches, sanctioned by AAFTA, are held monthly during the summer.  International Field Position (IFP) matches are held throughout the year.  IFP is shot from the seated position at 1/2″ paper bulls from 30 yards.  During the winter, indoor 10M and IFP matches are held in the Clubhouse on most Saturdays - lead pellets only, no BBs.

The Airgun shooters have a great website where all match particulars and results are posted, including pictures of their activities.  Just click here to visit.

Airgun Shooting Fees
Member:     $5.00          Non-Member:     $10.00

Airgun Hours of Operation
Saturday:     10:00am to 4:00pm