North Rifle Range
Early North Rifle Range

Before the construction of the present Rifle/Pistol Range in 1975, the Rifle range was located on the North side of Hwy. AH, about where the Archery Range is today. Below are some pictures of the North Range although we don’t have much information on these pictures.

Looking North on the North Range

The sign on the post reminds spectators to stay back of the firing line (good advice!). The shooting bench just to the left of this sign has a sign hanging from the rope. This sign says, “Professional Sighting-In; Expert Advice; $100 per Rifle” Now, it may be a joke or it may be $1.00, even under maximum magnification it is hard to tell.

Here are some more pictures of the North Range, obviously taken much later. Although faded in places, these pictures show that the range was quite busy.