History of CCKC
On these pages we are attempting to outline some of the history of our club. We have a fantastic heritage here and we would like to be able to pass along to the present membership how CCKC came to be what it is today and to honor all those who have worked so hard to make it so.

Our biggest problem is a lack of information. We know the club was established around 1928, but precious little is available detailing the early days. In its nearly 75 years of existence, CCKC has seen many changes. But there are almost no remaining records telling us how the club came into being or the many transitions the various ranges have undergone to become what they are today.

So we make an appeal to you, our membership, to help us. If you have any information, pictures, old meeting notes, etc, that might help, please forward them to CCKC.staff2@gmail.com
.We will scan them and promptly return them to you. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

General Club History
Although our club logo indicates that the club has been in existence since 1928, Phil Sander (CCKC President 1939-1941) tells us: “The club [was] started in 1933 … by a group of sportsmen interested in the winter feeding of ringneck pheasants and propagating game birds.” Phil, who assisted in the building of our present clubhouse, also sent a list of the Past Presidents of the club, starting with Bob Johnson in 1933. This list also notes that the club received a charter on 10/9/35 as the Kenosha County Conservation Club, which was changed to the Conservation Club of Kenosha County on 7/26/50, and that the club acquired the present grounds around 1955.

Visit the pages below to view what history of CCKC we have collected so far: